Faith, Love & Fun

ROADMAP 2.0 Part 1 is released!

Our Project roadmap shows, what you can be part of by joining the FTS movement. 

We are on a mission! 

Every FTS holder will be part of something bigger, making the world and the metaverse a better and safer place! We don't participate in common dark movements, that's why we think  FUNTEDDYSQUAD is the best NFT project out there!

➡️Phase 1
👥Community Startup and Softopening🔓
In this Phase we will grow our community in discord and twitter.
1111 Teddys will be used in giveaways and as payment for supporters!

One special thing about this project is, that we grow only by NFT arrangements and community work. So everybody that works with us believes in the project.
This is a main principle and part of the philosophy of the project!
In conclusion, every member is an important let of this! If you are reading this: 

YOU are important in this enterprise!

Beginning in Phase 2, we will add utilities for holders.
Already now in Phase 1, holders will be able to bring in more suggestions, that could be added also.
In any phase, holders are privileged to get inside-knowledge by Devs and Entrepreneurs, regarding web3, motivation, mental health and faith-related help!
We are so excited, that we came so far already and that you are a part of this! 🙏🏼

Check out the collection on Opensea